About us

Planet Cheltenham: A Climate Initiative by Vision 21 for local solutions

Who are planet cheltenham?

Planet Cheltenham is open to anyone to join and become involved in. It is a climate initiative being delivered through Vision 21. There are 2 parts to it, the first is to create a sustainability centre in Cheltenham for the whole community to use and engage in local solutions. We have already bought a suitable sight and we are busy raising money to convert an old, single storey storehouse into a modern, 2 storey activity centre and meeting place. 

The second part is to deliver and develop a number of community based activities and solutions to help raise awareness of the dangers of climate change and offer locally based answers to challenging issues, e.g. Youth climate group, Climate changemaker challenge and energy workshops

Our mission includes establishing a sustainability center in Cheltenham, transforming an old storehouse into a modern, two-story activity hub. We’re actively raising funds for this community space.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the news about Climate Change?

It can be difficult to get to grips with the climate crisis, which is why joining together to create local changes is so important. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something! Check out our events, sign up to our newsletter and be part of Planet Cheltenham.

Watch this video to view 'What is Planet Cheltenham'