Doughnut Economics

What is Doughnut Economics?

The Doughnut offers a vision of what it means for humanity to thrive in the 21st century – and the Doughnut Economics explores the mindset and ways of thinking needed to get us there.

First published in 2012 in an Oxfam report by Kate Raworth, the concept of the doughnut rapidly gained traction internationally, from the pope and the UN General Assembly to extinction Rebellion.

Kate’s 2017 book, Doughnut Economics: Seven ways to think like a 21st century economist, further explored the economic thinking needed to bring humanity into the Doughnut, drawing together insights from diverse economic perspectives in a way that everyone can understand. 

There were a group of 10 residents in a peer to peer learning journey lasting 8 months. The group were involved in showcase events in Birmingham and at The Wilson.