Future Plans

Future Plans

What is our goal?

Our goal is to create the Hub. Late 2021, Vision 21 purchased a brownfield site a short walk from Cheltenham High Street, which we plan to redevelop into a community climate hub as part of our ‘Planet Cheltenham’ project. With full architect’s drawings and planning permission in place, we have already raised £100,000. This is roughly half the funds needed to complete the construction phase of the build. We need your help in closing the gap between the current funding level and our overall target of £200,000.

The building will not only house all our ambitious and innovative project work, it will also be working hard for us as a sustainable building example, with solar PV, rainwater harvesting and the latest energy efficiency technology. 

Why a hub?

Climate hubs are popping up across the UK, as focal points for enabling and empowering people to take climate action. We intend to use our hub as a space to host both our existing and new Planet Cheltenham project work, e.g. our Youth Climate Group and Climate Changemakers projects and we will work with the local community to identify other project ideas.

Our Hub will also act as a venue to share skills and provide the know how to help communities to mitigate and adapt to a changing climate, as well as being a place for connection, improving health and wellbeing.

Why donate?

Many people feel confused and overwhelmed in the face of climate change. Inaction from governments and corporations can make people feel that what they do cannot make a difference. By supporting this project you are becoming part of the solution in our town.

Planet Cheltenham will be more than just a building, it will be a place for learning, growth and fun, a trusted and thriving hub of activity, supporting the community and empowering people to act for people and planet.